Drake Bell Continues to Kick Justin Bieber Down Because of Racist Slur

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The many defenders of Justin Bieber just make the former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell pissed off. This is not the first time that the "Drake and Josh" star ranted in his Twitter account on the many flaws of his foe but the recent racist slur that Bieber is involved in made him all the more furious on the double standards of Hollywood, according to Gossip Cop. Drake Bell compared the Bieber and with the infamous owner of the L.A. Clippers Donald Sterling.

Drake has long been known to have bad blood with Justin Bieber in which he said that it all started with him sharing a tweet of Bieber with makeup, as reported by Yahoo News. Since that fateful tweet, Drake received hash words, gay slurs and death threats from loyal fans of the "Looking For You" singer. He questioned how Bieber deals with his young fans.

The "Drake and Josh" star was also keen on tracking all of Bieber's transgressions and the latest one that made headlines was too juicy for him to pass up. He tweets "Donald Sterling caught saying racist thing and ruins career. @justinbieber gets caught and the excuse "He doesn't' know any better" is used." This was only the first of his rant.

Although Bieber has already apologised for his mistake in using the N-word, Drake will not let him off the hook just yet. He said "If Justin Bieber didn't understand the racist jokes he spewed why was he laughing at the punch line? You don't laugh if you don't understand."

"Don't get mad at Justin Bieber for what he said! We all make a mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake..."

"How many mistakes does Justin Bieber need to make before the argument "We all make mistakes" is no longer valid?!"

"Justin bieber murders puppy beliebers respond. "He's was only a kid he didn't know it was wrong to kill puppies yet!"

Now, Bell's fans are calling themselves "BELLievers," an obvious sign that he really goes out of his way to put "Beliebers" down. However, with all the bashing for Bieber, there are also a number of stars who defended the young Canadian singer. Whoopi Goldberg and Russell Brand spoke out to all on Bieber's defence.

These tweets bashing Justin Bieber are only the latest on what Drake Bell has to say for the shamed pop star. Does Drake have a point in pointing out Bieber's mistakes or is he too much?

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