‘Dragon Age’ Inquisition: The Fortress of Adamant [Watch Trailer]

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The producers of "Dragon Age" Inquisition have given gaming enthusiasts a preview of things to come before the release date. The background information was given to fans about The Fortress of Adamant from the point of view of the Grey Wardens.

Readers who are familiar with the novel "Dragon Age" Asunder will know about The Fortress of Adamant. It was built as a stronghold to push back the darkspawn from the Abyssal Rift. The fortress was later abandoned due to difficulty in its upkeep.

The Grey Wardens are responsible for the Fortress of Adamant, once a symbol of triumph and sacrifice of the Grey Wardens it was filled with griffons and brave men standing guard against the demons creeping through the thin veil.

The Fortress of Adamant was abandoned in the Blessed Age. The western approach to the stronghold had become a wasteland, making it difficult to maintain the fortress and the relevance of the stronghold was waning in the minds of the people who did not see the darkspawn as a threat.

The Fortress of Adamant was built by the dwarves and gamers may find that the fortress still stands while they play "Dragon Age" Inquisition. It will be a tall order, however, to get the fortress back to its former glory.

One of the interesting aspects of the game includes the need by the gamer to make difficult choices. The wrong choices may take the game in a direction of a no win situation where no matter what action the player takes at the moment, the scenario will be lost. The choices made by the player also affect the companions in the game, who may or may not agree with all the decisions and may also confront the player eventually.

"Dragon Age" Inquisition has elements of both a real time strategy game as well as a role playing game. The player will have to take the lead and take decisions like deploying the troops across the realm and taking real time control of attacks.

There is already a lot of excitement for the game among the fans who are eagerly waiting for the release date of "Dragon Age" Inquisition. The game is available for pre order and will become available from 7 October.

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