'Dragon Age Inquisition' Dragon Age Keep Save Import and Multiplayer Mode Explained

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BioWare now offers two game supports for players of "Dragon Age Inquisition". One is about importing, drafting and creation of world conditions and the other is more multiplayer experience with friends.

Dragon Age Keep for Dragon Age Inquisition

Players will normally require save files from completed gameplays of "Dragon Age Origins" and "Dragon Age 2" in order to set customised world conditions on "Dragon Age Inquisition." Fortunately, BioWare developed the "Dragon Age Keep" for DAI which allows players not only edit and correct necessary world conditions from previous games but also create custom-built conditions for DAI without playing "Dragon Age Origins" or "Dragon Age 2."

"Dragon Age Keep" is currently in beta stage and expected to become available one month before the official release of "Dragon Age Inquisition." Here are some important details of what players will get from the service:

1.      "Dragon Age Keep" runs to any platform capable of using modern browsers such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

2.      It does not rely on a specific platform to be used and only requires an Origin account.

3.      It does not require any save file imports from previous "Dragon Age" games. Create and customisation of the DAI world depends on the player.

4.      It is an online-based service and completely which can only be accessed by an Origin account.

5.      Use of "Dragon Age Keep" is 100 per cent free of charge.

6.      300 choices are available to create specific world conditions.

7.      Up to five world states can be saved using the service.

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Mode

BioWare developed an online multiplayer mode designed for "Dragon Age Inquisition" and according to the official game Web site - it supports up to four players experiencing cooperative gameplay.

Unlike the single-player mode on DAI, multiplayer mode offers a different storyline separated from the offline mode. Most common gaming experience on the multiplayer mode includes action-packed dungeon crawling quests, fast-paced matches which requires strategic combat, tactical class combat, extensive looting and crafting systems.

Below are the relations of DAI single-player and multiplayer modes:

1.      Multiplayer mode is not required to get the full experience on single-player mode.

2.      Single-player features support of three specialists who can send agents to missions and these agents are represented by multiplayer characters.

3.      Ending on the single-player mode is not affected by the multiplayer mode.

4.      In-game purchases are going to be available for the multiplayer mode.

BioWare added the multiplayer mode for "Dragon Age Inquisition" as a way to help players master strategy, tactics and combat skills with friends by using a party-based adventure similar to what most online RPG games offer today. "Dragon Age Inquisition" is available for pre-orders starting on November 18 2014.

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