Dragon Age 3 Inquisition November 18 Official Release Date; List of Achievements Leaked Out

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Dragon Age 3 Inquisition official release date has been announced and it is scheduled on November 18, 2014. Additionally, essential information regarding the list of achievements has leaked out on the upcoming game series.

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition Release Date

For players who are unaware about the official release date of Dragon Age 3 Inquisition, Electronic Arts confirmed that the upcoming game series is scheduled to be released on November 18 instead of October according to some forum members at Dragon Age Wikia.

Based on the forum discussions, some users were expecting that Dragon Age 3 Inquisition or DAI is going to be released on October 7 which contradicted by EA's official release date. There is no official reason why the game suffered a delay of over a month.

Players are hoping to get a better gaming experience and believe that the developers are doing everything they can to deliver such commitment apart from Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 experience.

Regardless the differences in the forum, players remained glad that it will only be delayed for less than two months instead of a year and supports the developers of needed time to ensure a quality game.

List of Achievements Leaked

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition List of Achievements leaked out via screenshot and seems to have been captured using an Origins account. The leaked information unveils 49 achievements about DAI, however, there is no confirmation if the details are true.

1.      A Capital Occasion

2.      A Dance to Remember

3.      A Long Time Coming

4.      Ancient Writings

5.      Belle of the Ball

6.      Botanist

7.      Commander

8.      Custom Geared

9.      Deathbringer

10.  Deeper Mysteries

11.  Demonslayer

12.  Deployment Points

13.  Ender of Dragons

14.  Fight Fire with Fire

15.  Fit for a King

16.  Focused

17.  Front Lines

18.  Full House

19.  Halls of Ancients

20.  High Commander

21.  Home is Where the Hearth is

22.  Humble Beginnings

23.  I Have Eyes Everywhere

24.  In Death, Sacrifice

25.  Inquisitor

26.  Inspired Legends

27.  Lore Master

28.  Love is in the Air

29.  Maker's Breath

30.  Marked by Greatness Master Alchemist

31.  Master Inquisitor

32.  Original Owner

33.  Peerless

34.  People Person

35.  Quartermaster

36.  Research Opportunity

37.  Signed and Sealed

38.  Specialist

39.  Stargazer

40.  Strength in Numbers

41.  Synergy

42.  The Horse and the Rider

43.  Timeless Keymaster

44.  Trial of Fire and Ice

45.  Uncompromising

46.  Venturing Forth

47.  Veteran

48.  Well-Funded

49.  Wyrmslayer

Some interesting titles on the list such as Fit For a King and High Commander hints out possible storyline based on previous Dragon Age game series. Click here to download the List of Achievements leaked of Dragon Age 3 Inquisition.

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