Dragon Age 3 Inquisition: Flemeth, Tallis, the Warden and Champion of Kirkwall Possible Appearances

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Dragon Age 3 Inquisition may feature several essential and intriguing characters which already appeared on previous Dragon Age game series. Flemeth, Tallis, the Warden and Champion of Kirkwall may get some interesting cameos by fall of 2014.

Flemeth - Asha'bellanar

Known by Dalish elves as Asha'bellanar, Flemeth will make an appearance on the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition.

According to Raptr, Flemeth is confirmed to appear on the third Dragon Age game series. But the spoiler about her involvement to the Inquisitor remains unknown. Here are some interesting points of her involvement from past Dragon Age series:

1.      She helped the Grey Warden Hero in Dragon Age Origins from getting killed by darkspawn during the Battle of Ostagar.

2.      She helped the family of the Champion on crossing the darkspawn horde from Lothering to Gwaren so they can board a ship to Kirkwall.

3.      According to Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins, Flemeth has a close connection to the Blight more than anyone ever suspected.

Tallis - Mark of the Assassin

Tallis originally appeared as the main character of the six-part live action series Dragon Age Redemption at YouTube. Felicia Day is the same voice and live action actor who played the character on Redemption and the Dragon Age 2 DLC Mark of the Assassin. Here are some points she may get connected with the Inquisitor:

1.      She is a Qunari - a member of a religion which became one of the main plots on Dragon Age 2.

2.      Her appearance on the DLC Mark of the Assassin revealed a part of Orlais and some of her actions together with the Champion of Kirkwall angered a nation. Consequences of Duke Proper's death are not entirely concluded on Dragon Age 2.

3.      Iron Bull is a Qunari which may know Tallis since she's a member of the Ben-Hassrath. Tallis may appear on another DLC for the third game series.

Hero of Fereldan and Champion of Kirkwall

By default, the Warden who is the Hero of Fereldan and possible the future Warden-Commander on Dragon Age Origins-Awakening is unlikely to make an appearance on Dragon Age Inquisition based from a tweet by BioWare's Mark Darrah in line with the default "canon" storyline.

1.      Dalish Warden from Dragon Age Origins dead due to an Ultimate Sacrifice.

2.      Alistair became the King of Fereldan.

However, players can import their save files from previous game series to which can alter the flow of the story on Dragon Age Inquisition.

Champion of Kirkwall left the city after the battle between mages and Templars under First Enchanter Orsino and Knight-Commander Meredith. Cassandra Pentaghast was unable to find the Champion just like with the Warden as revealed on the prologue of Dragon Age 2.

1.      May be mentioned just like the Warden on Dragon Age 2.

2.      Certain quests may appear based on the actions of the Champion if saves have been imported.

3.      Possible appearance may happen as Varric claims that the Champion is likely alive.

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition is scheduled to be released by fall of 2014 and players can now make pre-orders of the digital and physical versions of the game.

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