Dragon Age 3 Inquisition Combat Gameplay: Knife Throwing, Qunari Mage, Jumping, Mounting and Tactical View

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Dragon Age 3 Inquisition offers a new gameplay to the Dragon Age series such as the playable Qunari race, knife-throwing skill of Tallis in Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin DLC, jumping for movement, mounting and larger world spaces than previous game titles.

Playable Qunari Race

Qunari appears initially in Dragon Age Origins as a prisoner in Lothering which can be an optional companion for the Warden. In Dragon Age 2, Qunari played a huge part on the storyline and became the main plot in the second act that led to the invasion of Kirkwall and death of the viscount.

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition will feature a pansexual romantic Qunari companion to the Inquisitor and a playable female and male Qunari. In a YouTube video uploaded by Dragon Age, a Qunari mage has been played as the Inquisitor with demonstration of the gameplay mechanics such as traveling between world-spaces, using mount and even battling a mighty dragon.

However, there is no information yet regarding the statistics of a Qunari mage such as health. Qunari in Dragon Age 2 appeared as larger creatures than humans or elves which expected to be tough and more resilient than any other races but the ones featured on the former game were all male.

Knife-Throwing Skill

Tallis on the Dragon Age 2 DLC - Mark of the Assassin - uses a unique skill among rogues and it is about knife-throwing. Her use of the skill is mostly noticed during the cut-scenes when Hawke was ambushed at the Hightown market and when the group was pursued by the Chasind assistant of Duke Prosper.

A video demo of Dragon Age 3 Inquisition at SDCC 2014 seems to have featured the knife-throwing skill on a male rogue. The gameplay of the said character class has been elaborated as well in real-time combat and tactical view allowing commands to be used. It remains to be confirmed if the skill will have an independent tree or simply belongs to the dual-weapon skill tree.

Larger World-Spaces

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition boasts large world-spaces that made the locations in Dragon Age Origin and Dragon Age 2 smaller. The upcoming game covers several areas in Ferelden such as Hinterlands and Redcliffe.

Based on the demo video, the Redcliffe Castle received a full revamped just like any other areas within the game and a battle will sure guarantee players of excitement along with the mysterious cut-scene of Leliana. In addition to larger world-spaces, Dragon Age 3 Inquisition features several essential gameplay that can affect strategy on defeating enemies and how to travel faster to far lands:

1.      Jumping has been seen at SDCC 2014 demo from a male rogue.

2.      Haste spell slows down the entire view to allow characters execute actions more effectively.

3.      Ability to ride mounts which was not supported on previous games.

4.      Strategic points of attack such as crippling body parts of large enemies.

5.      More challenging opponents than before that requires more tactics such as facing a huge dragon.

Visit the official video demo at E3 2014 of Dragon Age Inquisition and the demo video featuring other game mechanics explained at SDCC 2014 uploaded by PiratusVeritas.

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