‘Dracula’ Season 2 News: Did Jonathan Rhys Meyers Spill the Beans at a Party?

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Recent rumours regarding the renewal of the popular TV show "Dracula" for season 2 has given hope to eager fans. The lead actor of the show Jonathan Rhys Meyers reportedly spilt the beans about the renewal of the show at a party.

According to a report by The Irish Post Jonathan Rhys Meyers confirmed the much anticipated renewal of "Dracula" Season 2 to a select few at a party thrown by actress Goldie Hawn in London. The news has not been officially confirmed by NBC, but fans are hopeful that the good news will arrive soon.

There is currently a petition in Change.Org web site by Catherine Flynn from Portsmouth, Virginia. The petition appeals to NBC to renew "Dracula" for season 2, the petition has reached over 25,000 supporters.

The show had started with a lot of promise and opened with a strong viewership base in the beginning. The viewers however reportedly started to dwindle and there were fears by mid season that the poor numbers could prevent the show from being renewed.

The show however picked up steam later on and season 1 ended on a strong note. Several characters were left hanging at critical junctures in the story line with a strong anticipation for season 2 to finish the story.

The Facebook page of "Dracula" is still active with over 800,000 likes and most of the comments there centre around one theme - most users are requesting NBC to hurry up and renew the show for season 2.

Fans however can't expect to see the show by the end of the year, even if the season 2 is approved immediately. The filming dates and schedule need to be worked out and if the show begins filming in a few months it may only air in 2015 or later.

The cast of "Dracula" may be keen to return for the show and many of the fans are interested to know what happens to the character Renfield. The character has got a surprisingly large fan following and is quite popular from the show.

With so many reports suggesting that "Dracula" Season 2 may be cancelled, the rumours that it may get renewed may come as a relief to some fans who miss the show and are desperate to watch it. So far NBC and the actors have not hinted at either cancellation or renewal.

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