‘Dracula’ Season 2 Cancelled by NBC—Fans Go Ballistic on Social Media

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Fans who were waiting for renewal of their favourite show “Dracula” for season 2 are finding it difficult to understand NBC’s decision to cancel the show. Fans have taken to social media to express their sadness and anger over the decision.

"Dracula" was one of the most promising shows for NBC. The show had a strong debut, but later started to lose viewership. There was some concern during mid-season about the possibility of the show getting cancelled owing to poor numbers. The viewership reportedly saw a spike towards the finale of season 1.

Some fans blamed NBC for the poor numbers for "Dracula." They contend NBC did not do enough to promote the show in the form of advertising. Some fans also blame the air timing of the show as a possible cause for the poor numbers; some fans believe the show should not get a time slot of either Friday night or Saturday night, as during this time most of the potential audience may not be home.

Fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment. Many were hopeful and were looking forward to "Dracula" season 2. Many fans consider the decision to cancel the show to be a mistake. A lot of anger has been directed towards NBC.

The Twitter fan page of "Dracula" star Jonathan Rhys Meyers also shares the sadness his fans feel. The Twitter handle has responded to multiple fans on Twitter who feel bad about NBC's decision.

There is a petition in Change.org by Catherine Flynn from Portsmouth, Virginia, to renew "Dracula" for season 2. The petition has over 25,000 signatures with still over 9,000+ signatures needed to be sent to the company.

The Facebook likes for the show has steadily surged. The FB page currently has over 800,000 "likes." The news of the cancellation has come as a shock to many in the group, although some hope the show may be picked up by another network.

Has NBC made a mistake by not renewing "Dracula" for season 2? Or do the ratings and viewership justify the network's decision? Are the fans justified in their anger against the network? Let us know in the comments section below.

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