‘Dracula’ Fans Waiting for News About Season 2 and DVD of Season 1

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Fans of the NBC TV series "Dracula" are waiting for some news or indication about renewing the series for season 2. Fans in the U.S are also waiting for news about the availability of the DVD of season 1.

Fans of the "Dracula" TV series have been steadily growing even after the finale was aired long back, with more and more viewers stumbling on to the TV show. The Facebook fan page of the show now has over 800,000 fans.

Fans of the show have launched a campaign to petition NBC to renew the show for season 2. The petition has crossed an important milestone of over 20,000 signatures who support the initiative. The petition is poised to reach 21000 shortly.

The big question however is whether NBC will take into account the passionate appeal by the diehard fans of the show. "Dracula" Season 1 opened with lot of expectations only to see a dwindling viewership after the premiere.

The viewership however started to pick up after episode 5 with many fans expressing their surprise to find such a good show. Fans contend that the show would have done much better if it had been promoted more often. Promotion of a show however depends on the budget and expected revenues for the show.

Although "Dracula" Season 1 may not have met the expectations of producers the interest for the show by the end of the season and the continued interest in the show may get the producers interested.

The DVD of the show is yet to be released in the U.S but is available for purchase in the UK. Fans look forward to the DVD release of the show to enjoy watching Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the iconic role once again.

Some of the cast are keen on playing their roles again and look forward to the show being renewed. Nonso Anozie who played the role of R.M. Renfield has turned out to be one of the favourites among fans.

So far NBC has been tight lipped about the renewal of "Dracula" for season 2. Will the fans be able to convince the network to bring back their favourite characters back on screen? That may be possible if the fans generate enough traction and interest for the show online.

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