‘Dracula’ Fans Going to Petition NBC for Season 2

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Fans of the "Dracula" series are concerned that NBC still has not given a go ahead for a second season. Fearing that their most loved show on TV may never return, fans have decided to petition NBC for a second season.

"Dracula" had a brilliant start, with a cast like Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the lead actor coupled with an intricate and fresh plot the show had everything going for it. But then the numbers of the viewership came in.

The producers of the show may not have liked the relatively lower viewership and the consequent revenues the show generated but that did start to change after the fifth episode. More and more people started to join in to enjoy the show, but will that be enough?

Many of the viewers blame the timing and inadequate promotion of the show as the main cause for the lower numbers for the show. They are hoping that NBC could address these issues in the next season.

There are a few sites online which are asking for fans to sign a petition to request NBC to consider renewing "Dracula" for a second season. One of the popular petitions with one of the largest number of petitioners was started by Ms Catherine Flynn from Portsmouth, Virginia.

With an ambitious goal of 15 thousand signatures the petition has already covered a lot of ground and has over 10 thousand signatures as of Feb. 3, 2014. Fans are hopeful that this gesture may tilt the scales in their favour when NBC decides on the question of renewal of "Dracula."

The long and passionate appeal of Ms Flynn may give NBC a lot to think about. Perhaps the biggest take away from the petition is for the cast of "Dracula." Fans have heaped a lot of praise not only on the brilliant performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers but also on the other cast members.

Will this translate into more actual viewers of the show? Fans seem to think so and Ms Flynn contends that more and more people "stumbled on" to the show and found it to be very entertaining. Perhaps that partly explains why the show gained some momentum after the fifth episode.

 "Dracula" fans who wish to stand together with the other petitioners may do so by clicking here and join the others in Change.org. Will this base of the hardcore fans of the show be able to spread the message and get the show renewed for a second season? Or will NBC leave them disappointed?

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