‘Dr. Strange’ Actor: Jared Leto Wanted By Marvel, Fans React

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With Marvel's "Dr. Strange" finalizing its director, reports have been pointing at Jared Leto to fill in the role of Dr. Stephen Strange, which brought out various reactions from his fans.

"Dr. Strange" has found its director, according to Geektyrant, in Scott Derrickson, the man behind "Sinister" and "The Day The Earth Stood Still."

Currently, the hunt is on for the actor who will portray the character of Dr. Stephen Strange. According to Marvel, Dr. Strange will be the next big hub for the Marvel Universe.

Badass Digest reported Marvel is interested in casting Jared Leto to play Dr. Stephen Strange in the movie adaptation of "Dr. Strange." Leto recently won best supporting actor in the Oscar Academy Awards for his role as a transvestite in "The Dallas Buyers Club." Aside from acting, Leto is known for his singing prowess, being the lead singer for the all-male band "30 Seconds To Mars."

The story of "Dr. Strange" follows Dr. Stephen Strange, a high class and cocky neurosurgeon. Stephen Strange or Dr. Strange gets into an accident and hurts his hand badly enough to end his career. Jobless, he travels to the Himalayas and becomes a student of the Ancient One and learns magic.

Dr. Strange becomes Earth's sorcerer supreme who defends all manner of mystical threats. He battles the Dread Dormmamu, the villain in previous drafts of the movie script for "Dr. Strange."

Fans of the "Dr. Strange" comic book series are questioning whether Leto would fit the role of Dr. Stephen Strange. Leto may have won best supporting actor, but his last big studio film was way back 2005 in "Lord of War."

Leto also starred in the 2002 movie, "Panic Room," as one of the bad guys. The 42-year-old actor turned singer also claimed to be picky on his choices of roles, since he looks for that quality material in every role that he is to play. He has also been devoting much of his time with his band, "30 Seconds To Mars."

"Dr. Strange" and Leto fans will know the outcome of this rumor in July, when Marvel announces details on its production for "Dr.Strange" in Hall H.

Below are some twitter fans' reactions on reports Leto will play as Stephen Strange in Marvel's "Dr. Strange."

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