Dr. Conrad Murray Prays as Jury Deliberates

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Sitting uncomfortably at the center of the Michael Jackson controversy at this moment is Dr. Conrad Murray. What's a man to do as a last resort? Pray, of course.

Before jury deliberations in his involuntary manslaughter trial resume Monday, Murray spent his Sunday morning at a Los Angeles church service.

According to E!, an eyewitness spotted him together with his girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, at the 11 a.m. prayer service at the West Angeles Church on Crenshaw Boulevard.   

However, during the sermon, Murray was on the run.

The minister encouraged parishioners who wanted "a change in their life" to get up and run around the premises. Murray, too, got up from his seat and joined friends in this spirited portion of the service.

The eyewitness says, "He had his hands up in the air and did a lap."

In a more serious part during the altar call, the physician had a word with the pastor, Reverend John White, in private. White apparently gave Murray a few encouraging words of wisdom.

"You can have Hollywood, but who you really need is Jesus. So, if you have Jesus and Hollywood, you've got it going on," the pastor told Murray.

"So if you chase Jesus, he will make the spotlight come on you. And guess what, when you get up there, you won't come tumbling down in the news. I speak to you, sir: The word of God can wipe the slate clean."

As he clapped along with others on the entire duration of service, the doctor was merry and energetic, something that he would need in abundance.

Seven men and five women meet at 8 a.m. Monday Pacific Time to continue their deliberations for Murray's fate.

Murray previously refused to give any more statements on the stand.

It must be noted that in the court of public opinion, he is already somewhat found guilty.

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