‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Update: Cast Warned! Get to Hear Dangers of Tweeting

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The cast and crew of "Downton Abbey" are currently filming Season 5. The new season will feature new characters such as Simon Bricker, an art-historian guest of the Grantham House. Richard E. Grant is portraying the role of Bricker. Recently, the actor took to Twitter to post a photo of himself in a period costume on the set. This innocent tweet, however, landed him in trouble, as Julian Fellowes, creator of this British period drama, was not happy about this spoiler photo leak.

"He's [Grant] very naughty. The trouble we've had with things like Twitter," Fellowes said to The Telegraph.  Grant's tweet reportedly promoted him to warn other "Dowton Abbey" actors to not spill spoilers on Twitter.

"We had to explain to the cast about the dangers of tweeting as no one realised how interested everybody was in the show. You're in a bubble when you're filming," Fellowes said, as quoted by The Telegraph. "You're just tweeting these nice things and you don't realise there are millions of people worldwide trying to pick up the plot."

Grant's period costume photo does not reveal much about his story-line. It looks like Fellowes hit the panic button because of reports that surfaced about Lady Mary's story-line. Recently, the media was abuzz with news that Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, has picked her potential suitor in Season 5. 

Hollywood Life had reported that Michelle was spotted passionately kissing a known face, which is set to shock and surprise the fans of "Downton Abbey."

The report revealed that Anthony "Tony" Gillingham, played by Tony Cullen, was spotted kissing Lady Mary. According to the report, "things got pretty dramatic. Needless to say, Mabel Lane Fox is not happy about these new shots."

The Telegraph reports that Grant bagged the role after lobbying for it. He is expected to appear in several episodes in the new season, which is expected to premiere sometime in autumn.

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