Downton Abbey Season 5: Things are Changing but No Deaths, Cast Meets Game of Thrones Woman [VIDEO]

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The first teaser of "Downton Abbey" Season 5 is out. The teaser provides a little hint about the upcoming season storyline and features silverware, curtains and service bell.

The new teaser of the new season suggests that the Season 5 theme of the popular British period drama is change.  Mr Carson has done the voiceover for this video. He says "I feel the shaking of the ground I stand on. The nature of life is not permanence but flux.  Things are changing."

This change, however, is not as a result of any death.  In the past, "Downton Abbey" has killed some of the most favourite characters, which has trigged fans wrath and extreme reactions.

Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs Patmore in the show, has said that there is no killing of any character in Season 5. The actress said to Daily Star: 'There aren't any plans for any big characters to die this year. There has been such a big fuss in the past, especially with Matthew Crawley. I think it would be very unwise to do any more deaths because the viewers don't like them."

Also, Maggie Smith's character is not going to die in Season 5. "Dame Maggie is in it a lot this year. Don't worry, she's in it plenty," Nicol said.

Meanwhile, the cast of "Downton Abbey" met "Game of Thrones" actress, Gwendoline Christie. She plays the role of Brienne of Tarth in the hugely popular HBO's fantasy drama-series.  Christie met Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Lily James and Allen Leech of "Downton Abbey" at Wimbledon. The "Game of Thrones" actress clicked a selfie with the cast of "Downton Abbey" and posted it on her Twitter page.

"Thank you for a fantastic Wimbledon @BazaarUK @RalphLauren #Wimbledon2014 What fun!! X" Christie also made a new hastang by combining the first words of the two popular shows:  "#GameOfDowntonWimbledonThrones2014"   

The filming of "Downton Abbey" Season is expected to finish in August. 


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