'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Spoilers: Lady Mary in a New Romance? Find Out With Whom

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While "Downton Abbey" Season 4 just came to a close with its Christmas Special, featuring Paul Giamatti's on-screen debut as Uncle Harold, it is also said that the show is already in the process of filming for Season 5. A few details about the upcoming season have been revealed, including new characters and Lady Mary possibly being romantically involved with someone.

"First day on Downton Abbey duty. I was downstairs in Gosford Park. Have been promoted upstairs. Progress? Will wait and see," tweeted Richard Grant, set to star as a guest of the Crawley family named Simon Bricker. Based on his post, the new season is currently filming. He also posted a picture of black gloves with a tag that read "Downton Richard E. Grant."

There are speculations about Mary finding herself a man based on a picture that shows her embracing none other than Lord Gillingham. Actors Tom Cullen and Michelle Dockery were seen filming an embrace after the characters emerged from a hotel. It could be that Mary has chosen Gillingham over her suitors in the next series.

Several Web sites appear to believe that the two could be the new couple of Downton Abbey. The widowed character has been turning down advances from a couple of eligible bachelors in the last episode but the photo from the season 5 set suggests that she may have picked her childhood friend. The two were also spotted in a scene featuring a prolonged kiss.

It is also possible that Simon Bricker could cause a bit of stir that may be connected to Gillingham and Mary's speculated relationship. "I do not want to spoil anything but Simon Bricker is set to cause a few ructions," Grant said. "He will definitely shake things up. It is going to be fun."

BAFTA-winning actress Anna Chancellor is also reportedly going to appear on the show. The cast will be joined by Rade Serbedzija, who will play a Russian refugee named Kuragin, a character that has fled the Russian revolution after World War 1. Peter Egan will reappear as Lord Flintshire and Dame Harriet Walter will also be back as Lady Shackleton.

Downton Abbey Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on PBS in January 2015.

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