‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Spoilers: Happy Gay Love Story and Passionate Kiss

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"Downton Abbey" is currently filming Season 5.  PBS recently released an interview of four actors, Allen Leech [who plays Branson], Lesley Nicol [who plays Ms Patmore], Rob James-Collier [who plays Thomas], Laura Carmichael [Edith]. These actors can be seen talking about what they expect for their characters in Season 5.  

Thomas Barrow, the gay under-butler, hadn't had much luck when it comes to love. The actor playing him would like to see his character in love and happy. "He's always been unlucky in love, so it'd be nice to see him happy for once. I think he deserves it," James-Collier said in the interview. [CHECK Out the Interview Here]. Thomas did get a shot at love in Season 1 and Season 3. This sequence makes the actor believe that Thomas going to get lucky in the upcoming Season 5.

Carmichael wants her character, Edith, to be seen with her little daughter. Edith had put her daughter in the care of Timothy Drewe, estate tenant farmer, and his wife at Downton Abbey. The actress, however, does not know how that is possible, as the parentage of the baby girl has to be kept a secret.

Nicol wants her character, Ms Patmore, to share more screen time with Dowager Countess, played the formidable veteran actress, Maggie Smith. It must be the dream of every actor of "Downton Abbey." And, Leech is eager to see the political side of Tom Branson.

Meanwhile, according to media buzz, Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, has picked her potential suitor on Season 5. Hollywood Life reports that Michelle was spotted passionately kissing a known face, which is likely to surprise the fans of this British period drama. The report revealed the big surprise, saying it is Anthony "Tony" Gillingham, played by Tony Cullen. According to the report, "things got pretty dramatic. Needless to say, Mabel Lane Fox is not happy about these new shots."

In the upcoming season, there is addition of three new characters. These characters are Simon Bricker, played by Richard E. Grant, Lady Anstruther, played by Anna Chancellor, and Kuragin, played by Rade Sherbedgia.

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