‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5: Lady Rose’s Possible Last Season, Young Actors Sign-Up, Filming Continues

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"Downton Abbey" Season 5 is currently in production. The cast and crew were recently seen filming the upcoming season of this British period drama in Bampton village, Oxfordshire. It is likely that one of the characters will have an open-end storyline this season.    

Mail Online reports that Lily James, who portrays the role of Lady Rose in "Downton Abbey" is unlikely to return for Season 6 because of her movie promotion commitment. The actress stars in Disney's "Cinderella" along with Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. Lily is playing the titular role.

The movie is set to release sometime around Easter, 2015.  According to Mail Online, Disney has requested her to be available to help promote the movie. Since "Downton Abbey" is expected to begin production of Season 6 at that time, it will be difficult for the actress to manage both acting for the series and movie promotional activities. The report says that the makers do not want to kill the character of Lady Rose, and thus has asked her to appear in the special Christmas episode.    

Meanwhile, Hasting Observers recently reported that "Downton Abbey" team has roped in kids, aged from eight to 11, for Season 5. Nyah Braisby, Sophie Apthorp, Louis Selling, Morgan Smith, Brandon Pohlhammer and Harry Seymour, students of The Hastings Stage Studio, are set to appear in the new season.

According to the report, two of the boys will appear as choir boys in Downton Abbey. They were seen filming with the veteran actress Dame Maggie Smith, who portrays the role of Violet Crawley. 

The children recognise her as Professor Minerva McGonagall from the hugely popular "Harry Potter" film series.

"The students play children in the local village school, and two were also choir boys filming with Dame Maggie Smith, reporting that they were thrilled to work with Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter!," said Vanessa Pohlhammer, director of J & V Management and The Hastings Stage Studio.

In addition to these kids, Richard E Grant, Rade Serbedzija and Anna Chancellor have been cast in "Downton Abbey" Season 5. Gareth Neame, executive producer of Downton Abbey, had said to The Hollywood Reporter that "Richard [E. Grant] and Anna [Chancellor] are two very fun additions."

"Downton Abbey" Season 5 is expected to air sometime in September 2014 in U.K. 

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