'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Spoilers FINALE: Edith's Baby and Harold's Involvement with a Servant

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The "Downton Abbey" Season 4 finale is set to hit PBS on Sunday, Feb. 23 and we have all the details about the two-hour episode. The special is scheduled to air at 9:00 P.M. and will follow Rose MacClare's (Lily James) debutante celebration. The grand ball will officially debut Rose to the Royal family and the rest of high society. It could also lead to opening new doors of love interests for the feisty cousin, who could actually be over her former fiancé, American jazz performer Jack Ross (Gary Carr).

The season finale will tell of major stories such as Edith's baby and Paul Giamatti's character. Though Edith may not be very happy about her new life as a mother, the audience will likely see her baby in this episode. The original plan was to have her baby in Switzerland but according to reports, it appears that she is coming back to London. Edith will still be conflicted with a moral dilemma involving Aunt Rosamund's (Samantha Bond) grand plan to have her baby adopted abroad. Isobel (Penelope Wilton) will meet an admirer and it could be elderly gentleman Lord Merton (Douglas Reith), who the Dowager happened to know. Daisy also gets herself an unexpected invitation.  

Meanwhile, Giamatti's role as Cora's brother, Harold, is going to have a more detailed storyline. His connection with one of the servants will be revealed and it looks like there will be new characters to make an appearance besides Harold as well. Could it be the heartbroken cook?

Lady Rose will debut at Buckingham Palace, shown onscreen by the Lancaster House. The family will stay at Grantham House where they will be joined by Lady Cora's relatives from the U.S., mother Martha Levinson (Shirley MacLaine) and her brother Harold, who as mentioned above, will meet a lovely English lady. The biggest teaser is that the story between Bates and Anna is not yet over and will still continue. The family will find themselves in a big trouble because of "a scandal that threatens to engulf the monarchy." What did the Dowager have to say now? It could be a social misstep of a family member.

New characters is said to appear in Downton Abbey Season 5, including the Russian refugee and a guest of the Granthams played by Richard Grant and Rade Sherbedgia. Good thing the Grim Reaper will not be in the finale this year.

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