Don't Tap the White Tile and Piano Tiles Game App Cheats and Tips

By @binibiningkd on

Recently, the app Piano Tiles made it to the number one spot on the iTunes Free Apps chart surpassing the addictive 2048 game. The Don't Tap the White Tile and Piano Tiles is a game app available for iOS and Android.

If you wish to score sky high in this game, the arcade mode is the way to go. The game scrolls on its own and never changes speed, as such, in order to win the game all you need to do is to keep hitting the tiles in a constant speed. Furthermore, the dollar sign in the middle makes it easier to spot the tiles.

In the classic mode, you need to complete 50 tiles as quickly as possible. Constant practice will give you better scores in this mode. In any mode, it is better to use to fingers to tap the tiles or use both thumbs alternately in tapping the tiles. It takes a little while before getting used to this strategy but it will make you play and tap tiles quickly.

Both Piano Tiles or Don't Tap the White Tile and Don't Step the White Tile are games that tests the reflexes -- players should avoid the white tiles by tapping on the black blocks. Notably, both games have similar UIs and the main difference between the two is that Piano Tiles has sound effects, which can be turned off depending on the preference of the player.

Interestingly, both current top free game apps, which are the Piano Tiles and 2048 are quite heavily inspired by other games, some sort of an updated replica. Threes and 1024 are the inspiration of the 2048, which is basically the same game with a different number. Moreover, although it is clearly an obvious copycat, 2048 still surpassed the original game and even topped the list of free game apps for a while. On the other hand, it appears that the Don't Step the White Tile clone is following the same path. Without a shadow of doubt, Piano Tiles was inspired by Don't Step the White Tile and now topping the chart as well.

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