Don't Let Facebook App Drain Your Battery; 10 Ways to Extend iPhone 5 Battery

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Some have claimed Facebook app is a chief drainer on iPhone battery. The social networking site may consume more minutes to keep updates, launches, photos and posts of your friends and acquaintances.

Using your iPhone does not only give you a way to serve as a communication tool, but a device which can be very useful for entertainment than any other handsets. But battery life is something that you will be concerned about as it can dampen your iPhone usage. The Independent shared ways to save more on iPhone battery life for different applications.

1.  Auto-lock Sooner

Put your iPhone to sleep sooner when it is not in use. The sooner, the less power it will use. Try 1 to 3 minutes. Go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Pick your choice by tapping.

2.  Disable Push Email

When possible, push email when checking emails. The less often your phone accesses a network, the less it uses your battery. Save battery life by setting it to "check your email accounts less often." Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Select Your Preference.

3.  Disable Dynamic Backgrounds (iOS 7)

Another feature introduced by iOS 7 is an animated wallpaper that moves underneath your app icons. Although it offered a cool dynamic flourish, it also uses more of your battery than a simple but static background. To change, go to Select Dynamic Backgrounds in the Wallpapers and Backgrounds Menu.

Another iOS 7 feature makes the iPhone smarter and that is the Background App Refresh. This looks at the apps you use most often and auto-updates it so the next time you open the app, it has the latest information handy. But it drains your battery. Turning it off will save battery energy.

4.  Go Airplane Mode

If you are experiencing superslow data speeds, go into Airplane Mode. It will shut off all data transfers, making your iPhone less useful, which means less power usage. Enjoy the silence while it lasts.

5.  Shutdown Unwanted Apps

Apple has a new multitasking feature that is easy to use and shutting down apps. Apple said if a certain app sits on your iPhone doing nothing, double tap the Home button and then swipe those app cards to the top of the screen to close what you are not using.

6.  Stop Checking Your Battery Stats

Firing up the screen will only make things worse.  Settings is not the only key to save or waste battery life. Some of them involve the way you use your phone such as using it for long periods or using a lot of your system resources. Movies, games and Web are also drainers.

7.  Turn Off "Battery Life as Percentage"

Turning off your iPhone's battery usage indicator will help you save a little of your battery's life. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage.

8.  Turn Off 3G/4G if You're Using Wi-Fi or Turn Off Wi-Fi if You're Using 3G/4G

Both cellular phone networks require more battery life to get quicker data speed and higher quality calls. If you need more battery life, turn it off for your convenience. Connecting to Wi-Fi is even faster than 3G, although only available with hotspots. Keeping Wi-Fi turn on all the time, hoping to get into a hotpot is a sure battery drainer.

9.  Turn Off Location Services And Bluetooth

The cool built-in GPS feature in your iPhone exactly uses battery power to work. If you're not using maps, checking in all the time it's not hugely important and is a big battery user. Turn it off to save some power. Meanwhile, Bluetooth wireless networking is useful for users with wireless headset or earpieces. But transmitting data wirelessly uses battery and leaving your Bluetooth on will consume more of your battery life.

10.  Turn on auto-brightness

iPhone has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light around it. Super bright screen is also super battery usage screen. Decreasing the brightness of your iPhone can let the battery stay alive longer. Go to Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Auto-Brightness On.

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