Donald Trump Shows Interest For Apple to Launch Bigger iPhone 6

By @binibiningkd on

Donald Trump, a huge name in the hotel industry and "Celebrity Apprentice," appears to take credit for iPhone 6, the upcoming next flagship smartphone of Apple.

Although no one has laid eyes on iPhone 6 yet, Trump recently revealed he knows what the Cupertino tech giant is prepping for its fans. The data are from the influential pressure he bestowed upon Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Trump tweeted "I wonder if Apple is upset with me for hounding them to produce a large screen iPhone. I hear they will be doing it soon - long overdue."

He seemed to be hounding Apple to increase the screen size of iPhone 6, according to a report made by CNET.

The tweet came across as startling as it was not previously known that Trump was lobbying for an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen.

iPhone 6 release is set to happen this fall. According to rumors, Apple has been boosting production and hiring more staff to ensure iPhone 6 release will be this fall. In the past, Apple released its iPhones during the fall. But the fall iPhone 6 release is quite likely.

Other numerous rumors about the possible features of iPhone 6 have surfaced. Some analysts cited Apple will venture into the phablet scene with iPhones sporting bigger screens, like Trump hopes for.

The Cupertino tech giant is rumored to release two variants iPhone 6 - a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models - but recent rumors said the 4.7-inch version will be the only iPhone that will be released this fall.

According to UBS Analyst Steve Milunovich via a report made by the Barron's, "... an "iPhone 6" is most likely to come in August or September, rather than June, in two different models, one with a 4.7-inch screen, one with a 5.5-inch screen. He thinks the former, the smaller of the two, "seems certain," but that the 5.5-inch model "may or may not launch at the same time and could be of the same resolution (lower pip), which would help app developers."

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