Donald Sterling Forced to Sell Clippers Team, Ban For Life From NBA

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Los Angeles Clippers Team Owner Donald Sterling was forced to sell his team after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver came down with the hardest punishment of lifetime ban from the NBA games and $2.5 million penalty over his racist remark that made the general public and netizens frenzy over the past few days.

Forbes Magazine reported Commissioner Sterling gave specific details of Sterling's punishment, saying: "I am banning Mr. Sterling for life. Sterling cannot attend games or practices. He can't attend league meetings, and he can't be involved in personnel decisions or any team operations."

Under the NBA leagues' rules, Commissioner Sterling hinted the force sale of the LA Clippers club is possible with a two-thirds vote from the NBA club owners.

A long-time team owner of LA Clippers for 33 years, Sterling may find it difficult to let go of his team although he can still contest the commissioner's decision in court.

With almost no choice, Sterling after the fast and furious reactions over the secretly recorded racist remark thought the team's sale would bring a lot of money into the basket and will let the NBA to refocus to the exciting actions on the court.

When he got Clippers into his wings back in 1981, the team was worth $12 million. Currently, it is already at $575 million, according to Forbes.

Several big names surfaced as probable candidates to buy the club. Among the top 10 names cited are Floyd Mayweather, Oscar dela Hoya, Billy Crystal, Chris Hansen, Rick Caruso, Henry Samueli, Larry Ellison, Patrick Soon-Shiong, David Geffen and Magic Johnson & Guggeheim Partners.

The commissioner's massive action came down after major sponsors started backing out after the eruption of the controversy. Big names like Kia Motors, Carl Max, State Farm and other sponsors withdrew their connections announcing their sponsorship breakup from the Clippers.

Sterling's secretly recorded racist remark to her girlfriend V. Stiviano was about his disapproval of her Instagram posts and her appearance to the LA Clippers NBA games, along with her black friends.   

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