Donaire vs Darchinyan: Desperate Donaire Takes the Easy Way Out

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After suffering a shocking defeat to Guillermo Rigondeaux, Nonito Donaire, aged 30, clung on to desperate measures by taking on the 37 year-old Vic Darchinyan on November 9.

Nonito Donaire was taken to school by Rigondeaux, using his right hook and left hand, frustrating the former, which led to a unanimous decision in favour of Rigondeaux.

As far as fight fans' perspective is concerned, the more logical decision could have been was to ask for a Rigondeaux rematch. Instead, "The Filipino Flash" went for a more viable option in Darchinyan.

Of course Donaire we all heard Donaire crying out for a rematch after the defeat. But, wasn't that just an act that would protect the only thing that is left of him after getting a beating? His ego.

"I thought I could catch him with one punch and fell in love with that," was Donaire's excuse as quoted in after his loss to Rigondeaux.

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Just to refresh your memories, Nonito handed Darchinyan, who was at the peak of his career, his first defeat in 2007. He was caught by the "Filipino Flash's" signature left-hook in the 5th round.

From then on, Donaire rose to prominence, beating the likes of Fernando Montiel and Oscar Narvaez in the process.

On the other hand, father time is catching up with the Armenian Darchinyan, who is way past his prime and does not look as sharp, losing two of his previous four fights to Anselmo Moreno and Shinsuke Yamanaka.

He may have won his recent two fights, but it was virtually against unknown fighters.

In the final analysis, Donaire's choice of taking on Darchinyan seems to be a wise for his career, that is, to immediately get back on the radar should he come up with a win, which, at this point, seems certain.

However, boxing fans are no longer naïve these days and in fact has gotten more intelligent, which means that even if "The Filipino Flash" shows total domination on the ring, they will still be left unimpressed and discontented.

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