Dominion TV Series Based on Legion Film: The Flood Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

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In "Dominion" "The Flood" (Season 1, Episode 4), which aired on Thursday, July 10, 2014, there was a hostage taking of Vega's city leaders. The people's food supply was endangered. This was caused by Senator Frost who wanted to know who is "The Chosen One." As viewers of "Dominion" already know, "The Chosen One" is Alex (Christopher Egan). He is Charlie's (Adrianne Palicki) son in the movie "Legion." Meanwhile, Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee) rebelled

against the Vega Senate. If you want to know more about this episode, read on for the "Dominion" "The Flood" recap.

In "Dominion" Season 1, Episode 4 "The Flood," the archangels called a meeting to discuss some important things and they asked Michael (Tom Wisdom) and Gabriel (Carl Beukes) to be part of it.

Michael struggles with his feelings for a human named Senator Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead). He tried to break things off with her, but Rosalind didn't want to. While they were sleeping, another angel named Uriel tried to kill Becca. It turns out that Uriel is Gabriel and Michael's sister. Uriel told Michael to reveal the process of unlocking the markings of Alex's tattoo. If he does this, she will join him in his battle against Gabriel.

As for Alex, he ended up being imprisoned in Vega's solitary confinement area. He was arrested for desertion. Alex refused to strip his clothes off during a routine strip search for the prisoners because he didn't want them to see his tattoo. Claire visited him in jail and helped him escape as well.

Senator Frost called General Edward Riesen (Alan Dale) and David Whele (Anthony Head) in the agriculture center of Vega to reveal a deadly device that can cause a huge flood that will not only wipe out the crops, but the people in Vega as well. He threatened to use it if the identity of "The Chosen One" is not revealed to him ASAP.

Becca learned that David and General Edward Riesen are being held hostage by Senator Frost. She decided to put Claire in charge as the Lady of the City of Vega. Claire sent Alex to negotiate with Senator Frost. Alex revealed his tattoo to Frost and told him this message: "She died for you." Senator Frost believed him and surrendered, but General Riesen shot him to avoid revealing Alex's true identity to the public.

Also in this episode, Bixby (Betsy Wilke), an orphan girl whom Alex cares for, gets killed by David Whele (Anthony Head) by upping her morphine dosage at the hospital. And, Sgt. Noma Walker (Kim Engelbrecht) and Arika (Shivani Ghai) crossed paths with each other because Noma was assigned to guard Arika. Noma thought about being Arika's bodyguard in the future. Towards the end of this episode, Uriel went to Gabriel and told him that she will fight with him against Michael if he trains Alex to go against the humans.

"Dominion" Season 1, Episode 4 "The Flood" was directed by Alex Holmes and written by John Mitchell Todd and Brusta Brown.

And that's it for "Dominion" Season 1 Episode 4 "The Flood" recap. It was shown on Syfy at 9/8c on July 10, 2014. Don't miss "Dominion" every Thursday nights on Syfy. The next episode will be "Something Borrowed" (Episode 5), which will be aired on July 17, 2014.

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