Dominion Season 1 Recap: Episode 6 Black Eyes Blue Featuring the Black Acolytes, Vermeer and Apocrypha [WATCH VIDEO]

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"Dominion" Season 1, episode 6 "Black Eyes Blue" aired on Thursday, July 24, 2014. It featured the Black Acolytes, Vermeer and Apocrypha. Plus, Alex (Christopher Egan), also known as "The Chosen One," wanted to try the "eviction," even if Michael (Tom Wisdom) is apprehensive about it because the success rate of an "eviction" is not high. However, Alex didn't mind taking his chances. If you want to know more about this episode, read on for the "Dominion" Season 1 recap of episode 6 "Black Eyes Blue."

"Dominion" Season 1, episode 6 "Black Eyes Blue" was written by Todd Harthan and directed by Larry Shaw.

Here's what happened in "Black Eyes Blue":

The Black Acolytes - This is William Whele's (Luke Allen-Gale) organization that is made up of those who worship Gabriel. William's father David Whele (Anthony Head) revealed that there are some members of the Black Acolytes who have inched their way into their society. Unfortunately, the whole group ended up dying. David and William got into a huge fight about it.

Vermeer - It is revealed that Uriel is a fan of arts and culture, including paintings and ballet. She is particularly fond of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Michael took advantage of that to make a deal with Uriel. He wanted to exchange Vermeer's painting titled "Girl with a Flute" for a copy of the Apocrypha book.

Apocrypha - A very important book, especially for angels because it enables angel eviction from the 8-balls bodies.

Uriel refused to hand over the Apocrypha book in exchange for Vermeer's "Girl with a Flute." Instead, she requested to see Alex's tattoos. After Alex lets her see it, she gives the Apocrypha to him. Michael made Uriel promise to stop drawing the tattoo markings that she saw from Alex. He also asked her not to show it to Gabriel. Uriel agreed to it.

At first, Alex couldn't decipher the writings in the Apocrypha. But, his tattoos helped him to understand the words in it by moving from his arm to the book!

As for Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee), she discovers that her mother and Clementine are sharing one body. Claire wanted to separate them and free her mom. Alex and Michael helped her by chanting an incantation from the Apocrypha. But, it wasn't successful. Claire decided to end her mother's life. She didn't want her to suffer anymore.

And that's it for the "Dominion" Season 1 recap of episode 6 "Black Eyes Blue." It was shown on Syfy at 9/8c on July 24, 2014. Don't miss "Dominion" every Thursday nights on Syfy. The next episode will be "Ouroburos" (Episode 7), which will be aired on July 31, 2014.

Watch the "Dominion" Season 1, episode 6 "Black Eyes Blue" video below:

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