Dog-Sled Taxi is the Costliest Ride in Norway [VIDEOS]

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A new mode of transportation emerges to be the most luxurious in cost within Norway and that is the dog-sled taxi. Is it time to finally bid goodbye to high end stretch limousines?

The dog-sled taxi mode of transportation is now considered a fancy way to take you to your hotel straight from the airport in Norway. The new transport service was recently launched this week that allows passengers to travel through snowy Alps from the Kirkenes Airport and straight to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel for 45 minutes.

The dog-sled taxi service is made up of eight Alaskan Huskies. The transport mode has been approved by the defense service of the country as well as the local government and the wildlife offices that are also managing the reindeers within the area.

The Kirkenes Snow Hotel considers the experience a one of a kind offering especially to tourists of Norway. It is ideally targeted for the high end customers justifying its hefty price tag of $370. With storms recently becoming more frequent in the place, the sled-dog taxi mode can be a good alternative when the roads get a bit too icy.

Other Weird Modes of Transportation

In other parts of the world, there are also other unique modes of transportation that make each country stand out from the rest especially when it comes to entertaining tourists. Vietnam has the cyclo where the driver sits at the back of the passengers. It is used to avoid the usual traffic in the city.

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The Camel Bus is the classic transit mode in Cuba. It is used for mass transit and has been replaced by the more modern Chinese buses. Ecuador's Chiva Express is also the mode to take a trip to the Andes and the best seats are offered up in its roof. The hovercraft in UK offers a smooth ride on water which still offers its service to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth.

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Some of these transport modes are already inactive while some are still operating. Do you think the sled-dog taxi will remain for a long time in Norway's transport industry?

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