Dog Elected Mayor In Minnesota

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In Photo: Jenson, a Boxer dog rests in his stall on the first day of the Crufts dog show in Birmingham, central England, March 11, 2010. Reuters/Phil Noble

Dog is indeed man's best friend! Cormorant, a small town in Minnesota elected a 7-year-old dog named Duke as the mayor when the 12 residents of the town paid one dollar each to cast their vote.

The canine contester won by a huge margin, beating Richard Sherbrook, the human candidate pitched against the dog in the race for mayorship. Richard who owns a store in Cormorant could not garner even half as many votes as this Great Pyrenees dog, which will be the mayor for one year. No prizes for guessing his salary - It is a year's worth of kibble. A local pet food store donated the kibble.

Duke was announced the winner after an exciting five-week election. Voters are only happy for voting Duke to mayorship as they feel he will safeguard their home town and the community and even ensures speed limit for cars.

In spite of Duke not being a human or having an electoral campaign, his election proves that he is more popular than any of the other residents of this village.

"He won by a landslide. He doesn't know how to handle this publicity," resident Tricia Maloney told WDAY6. After his landmark victory, Duke was given a treat of five hours of grooming and a brand new outfit.

Duke's appointment comes after the 5-year-old Robert Tufts stepped down from his role as mayor after two years in office in the Dorset town in Minnesota. His place was taken by the 16-year-old Eric Mueller.

This is not the first time that a non human has been elected to the higher offices. Stubbs the cat, for instance has been holding the post of the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for the past 17 years! This tiny village selected this cat soon after it was born after a successful write-in campaign. This popular feline mayor even escaped an attempt on its life in the year 2013 when a local dog attacked it.

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