Doctors Refuse Surgery on Teen Who Wants to Look Like Justin Bieber, Plus More from E! Series Botched

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E! Channel has launched a brand new documentary series entitled "Botched" which documents the cases of people who underwent cosmetic surgery. Most of the cases involve disastrous outcomes hence the title-botched. The series documents the journeys of various people and the effects of the plastic surgery they have undergone and in many cases, their attempts to repair the damage that has been done. In this week's episode, three cases were visited, a teen who wants to look like Justin Bieber, a California woman who has over-sized boobs and a woman whose vagina has gotten too close to her belly button. 

The episode started off with a young man who had undergone cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to look like his pop-star idol, Justin Bieber. Toby Sheldon reportedly underwent procedures to alter his lips, chin, cheeks and temple plus had liposuction and fat injections to certain areas all costing him $100,000. All these alterations were meant to approximate Justin Bieber's looks in spite of objections from his girlfriend.

Toby isn't satisfied with his previous surgeries and still wants more work done on his forehead and jaw. The show's doctors decide in the end that they won't operate on Toby due to the amount of possible complications that could arise from what he wants to do.

The second case featured in the show is about Charlotte, a woman who had breast implants put in as a teenager and decided to get them adjusted after she had children because she felt that they were sagging. The attempt to make them look better ended in disaster when her doctor put in implants that were too big for her causing even more sagging and a very unnatural look.

She consults with the show's doctors and they eventually agree to take her on as a patient to repair her breasts. The doctors gave her new implants that were nearly half the size of her previous ones to give her a more natural look and they also gave her a lift procedure to take away the sagging that had been her initial concern. After her recovery, Charlotte was unveiled at her sister's wedding where she comfortably wears a strapless dress with no issues regarding her now-repaired boobs.

The final client in the episode is Desiree, a woman who went to Mexico to get a tummy tuck and ended up in a complete nightmare. First, she tells the story of how the nurses prepped her for operation by applying blocks of ice on her stomach. She later finds out that this was their idea of anesthesia! To make matters worse, when the surgery was done, she finds that her pubic area has been pulled up and ended up quite close to her belly button making it appear like her vagina has landed near her belly!

The doctors perform a little liposuction on her and cut her skin to be able to bring down her pubic area to where it should be, under her bikini line! The surgery is a success and Disiree is finally able to live a normal life with what she calls her "coochie" in the right place.

"Botched" is a brand new series from E! which airs on Sunday evenings at 10 pm

See shocking photos of before and after plastic surgery patients on "Botched" from E! online.

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