Doctors in Denmark Face Charges Due to False Brain Dead Diagnosis

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In Denmark, doctors at the Aarhus University Hospital are currently in a predicament after reportedly giving a false diagnosis to a patient.

Carina Melchior was proclaimed brain dead after a tragic car accident. Carina's family had to make the tormenting decision on donating her body organs as well as permitting the doctors to turn the respirator off.

The 19-year-old tragic car accident victim miraculously survived when her respirator was detached. In a documentary which was televised earlier this month, reports around 1.7 million viewers witnessed the family's heartbreaking situation.

The doctors admitted their humiliation about what happened. Chief Medical Officer Claus Thomsen released a statement regarding the shocking incident: "We are overjoyed that the young woman survived and that she is moving on after the accident. But we made a mistake underway and made the family believe that their daughter and sister would die."

Now, Carina's family decided to press charges against the hospital for damages. "Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor," Carina's father told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. Adding more negative media hype to the hospital, one Danish tabloid exposed about another unnamed patient who was also mistakenly diagnosed brain dead back in 2002. As Aarhus University Hospital thoroughly investigates both incidents, the hospital firmly confirmed that procedures in the earlier case were accurately followed.

Carina Melchior's shocking incident resulted to organ donation chaos where around 500 people instantly withdraw their names on the list of Denmark's organ donor. With the organ donation issue at stake, the hospital established a new course of action where relatives of the patient will only be asked about organ donation if treatment options are no longer available. Aarhus University Hospital insisted that "there was no risk of a false diagnosis of brain death."

In the mean time, Carina Melchior goes through intense rehabilitation for a full recovery. Check out the YouTube video link for Carina Melchior's unbelievable survival story.

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