'Doctor Who' Series 8 Spoilers: First Look at Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Revealed; Airdate Speculations

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Ever since Matt Smith's Doctor Who regenerated into Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Time Lord, fans are wondering what the new Doctor will be like. While fans must wait to see the newest doctor in his full-fledged action hero role, the show makers have revealed his first look. Also, wide speculations about the airdate are being made ever since it was reported that the filming of "Doctor Who" Series 8 has commenced.  

'Doctor Who' Series 8 Spoilers: First Look at Peter Capaldi's Doctor and More Spoilers

According to the recent reports about the upcoming "Doctor Who" Series 8, BBC has just revealed the first look of Peter Capldi in his Doctor Who avatar.  

The press release by BBC states that this costume will "define his time as the Twelfth Time Lord" claiming his role to be one of "TV's biggest roles."

Peter Capaldi has donned a deep blue "Crombie coat" which shows of the red lining. He has teamed it up with a same color waistcoat and trousers and a white shirt. Costume designer Howard Burden completed his look by pairing up with black Dr. Marten shoes.    

 Remarking on his costume as Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi said that his Doctor has "woven the future from cloth of the past." His costume has been kept simple and basic without any scarf and frills. According to Peter Capaldi it is "no messing, just 100 percent Rebel Time Lord."

Peter Capaldi who would be leading the "Doctor Who" series 8, was introduced to the audience in "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Episode titled "Time of the Doctor."

Recently more spoilers surfaced of the newest Doctor and the upcoming "Doctor Who" Series 8. According to the reports, Peter Capaldi in his recent interview with Doctor Who magazine revealed that his doctor will mean only business and should not be considered as "boyfriend material."

As reported by BBCAmerica.com, he revealed that it is not the age gap between them that does not make him boyfriend material for her, but he is not a "nice," "safe" and "romantic travelling companion," kinds.

Peter Capaldi describes him as "much older, fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor who leads her a merry dance."

'Doctor Who' Series 8 Airdate

According to the reports, Peter Capaldi will commence his adventure as the twelfth Time Lord in series 8. It is expected to air in autumn, 2014. Speculations by various media outlets have revealed that the show is scheduled to air in Sept. 2014. Reportedly, "Doctor Who" will broadcast 13 episodes in its upcoming series on its original channel BBC.  

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