‘Doctor Who’ Series 8 Episode 2 ‘Into The Dalek’ Spoilers: Everything Fans Need To Know About The Dark And Explosive Segment

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The long-running sci-fi show "Doctor Who" returned with its Series 8 on the much awaited premiere on Aug. 23, 2014. Fans were introduced to the 12th Time Lord, Peter Capaldi. It was the first time fans saw Peter Capaldi in action. They were able to get a chance to say their last goodbyes to the beloved Matt Smith's Doctor Who. In less than a day, fans will be treated to a second action-packed and adventure-filled episode of "Doctor Who." Here is everything fans need to know about "Doctor Who" Series 8 Episode 2 "Into The Dalek." Read on to find out more about Peter Capaldi's new adventure. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "Doctor Who" Series 8 Episode 2 "Into The Dale." Read at your own risk.

Last week fans saw Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who dealing with the T-Rex running rampant and creating havoc in Victorian London and his regeneration. Meanwhile, Doctor met his pals, the Pasternoster Gang. The gang led by Vastra soon realised that the doctor has changed. On the other hand, Clara was still reeling from the loss of the doctor she was in love with.

Moving on to the next episode, Peter Coapaldi's Time Lord's next adventure will bring back the most dangerous enemies of Doctor Who, the Daleks. The doctor is going to set his foot on the mission that will compel him to put everything on the line. As the trailer for the upcoming episode suggests, the Doctor and his assistant Clara are going to enter "one of the most dangerous places in the universe." Episode 2 titled "Into the Dalek" is written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley.

The synopsis of "Into the Dalek" released by BBC One suggests that Dalek are returning and are going to attack a "lone rebel ship." The only person who could rescue the ship and deal with the Daleks is Doctor Who. Will he succeed in his mission?

The synopsis further suggests that the time-travelling hero can't fight his "greatest enemy" alone. He needs Clara's assistance to defeat his foes. Doctor's challenges double up when he is "confronted" with a situation wherein he needs to take a difficult decision that could "change the Daleks forever." At the same time, he must analyse his conscience and figure "whether he is truly a good man."

No one can answer this question for him but himself. Will he be able to deal with the issues of self-worth and find the answer as he enters the "darkness" in the next episode?

Besides, Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman's Clara, "Doctor Who" Series 8 Episode 2 "Into the Dalek" also stars Michael Smiley's Colonel Morgan Blue, Zawe Ashton's Journey Blue, Barnaby Edwards' Dalek and more. The upcoming episode is also going to introduce Samuel Anderson's Danny Pink, who is Clara's colleague at Coal Hill School. Will Clara find love with Danny Pink?

"Doctor Who" Series 8 Episode 2 "Into the Dalek" airs Aug. 30, 2014 on BBC.

Watch the trailers of "Doctor Who" Series 8 "Into the Dalek by clicking HERE and HERE as published by BBC One.

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