Doctor Who And Dynasty Star Kate O' Mara's Tragic Passing Away

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Dynasty star Kate O'Mara has passed away at 74, after a short-illness. The actress passed away at a Sussex nursing home on Sunday Morning. The actress was known for playing the role of Cassandra Morrell in the 1980s US soap "Dynasty" and she has also played meaty roles in "Doctor Who" and "Howards' Way."

"She was extraordinary, she had so much energy and vitality with a love for theatre and acting.A shining star has gone out and Kate will be dearly missed by all who knew and have worked with her," Mara's agent Phil Belfield said, as quoted by The Mirror.

Paying her tribute to the veteran actress, Joan Collins said, as quited by the website. "Tragic news about Kate O'Mara, we had great fun on Dynasty when she played my sister Caress who Alexis insisted on calling CASSIE! RIP." 

Aactor Colin Baker, 70, co-star of Kate, said  "Oh my goodness. Kate O'Mara is no longer with us. Sad sad news. A delightful, committed and talented lady and actress. We are the poorer."

Kata Mara had a brilliant television career, however, her personal life was marked with tragedy. She had to give her son, Chris Lind, for an early adoption, as she could not afford to raise him, while her other son, Dickon O'Mara, was found dead in December 2012.

Mara married twice, but both the times, the marriage ended in divorce. In her autobiography "Vamp" Until Ready," Kate spoke about how she was coping-up with the anxiety of growing old

"I was never in one place for more than a year, which means dozens of different schools and that made me immensely independent. That's why it's unlikely I will marry again. I'm no good at relationships because I put my career first. She said, adding,  "It sounds lovely to meet somebody who could take all the stresses and strains away, as well as being a money provider, but I've never met anyone like that." (Extract form her autobiography) 

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