Doctor Strange Casting Update: Benedict Cumberbatch on the Role; Joaquin Phoenix ‘in Negotiations’ for the Role -- Report

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Scott Derrickson's "Doctor Strange" is one of the most highly anticipated Marvel movies expected to release in 2016. The comic book character is soon going to become a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made the announcement, fans have been eager to know who would portray the role of the brilliant yet quirky doctor.

Doctor Strange is one of many new Marvel characters that are being introduced in Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Vision and Scarlet Witch are some of those new characters to be soon introduced on big screens.

Multiple casting rumours related to Doctor Strange's movie adaptation are swirling around. Many media outlets and fans speculated that "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch would portray the character. The news spread like wildfire. However, MTV took the onus of finding the truth and spoke the star himself.

Benedict Cumberbatch recently attended San Diego Comic Con 2014 where the actor was promoting his recent film "Penguins of Madagascar."  

As far as I'm aware, even if that was the case, it couldn't work out because I'm doing a little play called 'Hamlet' in London," Benedict Cumberbatch told the publication while addressing the rumour at SDCC.  

"So I don't think I could even if that was in the cards. It sounds like a fantastic project. It's a shame if I miss out, but who knows? I couldn't possibly comment," "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch added.

Meanwhile, the latest report suggests "Gladiator" actor Joaquin Phoenix is being considered for the role of Doctor Strange. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Oscar-nominated actor "is in negotiations to star in Marvel Studios' 'Doctor Strange.'" The source tells the publication that the "deal is further along than just the offer stage." However, it remains unconfirmed if the Joaquin Phoenix "will accept the role." IndieWire notes that Joaquin Phoenix has been spotted purchasing the comics that feature the character.

Fans know that Doctor Strange is a former neurosurgeon, who later assumed the role of Sorcerer Supreme. His sole aim is to protect Earth from wizardly and occult threats. Sound off your opinion and let us know who among Benedict Cumberbatch or Joaquin Phoenix would fit the role better. Who would you like to see as Doctor Strange?

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