Doctor Denies Saying Aussie Radio Presenter Kyle Sandilands Only Has 6 Months to Live

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Kyle Sandilands isn’t dying in six months. The doctor who reportedly diagnosed the Aussie shock jock without seeing him has denied ever saying that Sandilands only has six months to live due to his unhealthy lifestyle.

According to New Idea magazine, “top U.S. obesity specialist” Dr Edward Jackowski estimated that Sandilands has about six months more to live if he continues with his unhealthy lifestyle.

Sandilands, 43, is said to be around 32 kilograms overweight, and he doesn’t appear to be on the road to weight loss any time soon.

He has discussed skipping his boxing lessons with KIIS FM breakfast co-host Jackie O on their show recently, saying he has legitimate excuses for not attending his fitness classes.

His frequent absences from their radio show has also become an issue between him and Jackie, who complained that he left her alone during an important show event.

Jackowski apparently told the magazine that if Sandilands continues dodging weight loss regimens, he would not last a long time on earth.

“Forget about the next few years, this guy won’t live another six months at the rate he’s going,” he was quoted as saying. “Between chain smoking, fast food, lack of exercise and stress on set, the average person wouldn’t be able to get through the work day.”

Sandilands’ 23-year-old girlfriend was incensed after reading the interview, taking to Twitter to blast the doctor for his assessment.

But Jackowski, who has never treated Sandilands, has denied ever making such statement.

On Tuesday morning, he was a guest caller on the “Kyle and Jackie O” show, and he talked to Jackie and “Big Brother Australia” winner Tim Dormer, who was filling in for the absent Sandilands.

“I never said that,” the doctor denied. “I don’t know where you got that quote from but I never said that someone would be dead in six months, I would never say that to any human being.”

He cleared that his specialty is behavioural management and developing fitness program for people, adding that he based his fitness advice, not medical advice, on the information about Sandilands that he was told.

“I’ve never met Kyle. I only go on information that is fed to me.”

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