Dobrev and Hemsworth Spotted Kissing in Atlanta: New Hollywood Couple?

By @definemaych on

The two stars, Nina Dobrev of "The Vampire Diaries" and Liam Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games," who are reportedly filming in Atlanta were said to be getting friendly as they were caught chatting up at a bar. The two were not rumoured to be together or anything but spectators say that the two gave each other a good night kiss before Dobrev headed out of the bar.

This innocent kiss sparked rumours as both stars are now single. The two were out with friends last Friday night at the Corner Tavern bar. These two stars became single last 2013 and have only been seen in awards shows and parties.

Dobrev who has admitted to be dating her "The Vampire Diaries" co-star Ian Somerhalder is in Atlanta shooting the said series. The "Delena" or Damon and Elena pair is still a crowd favourite even though the pair had already split up in real life last May of 2013. The two continued to be co-stars in the series and seem to be still good friends as they joked on about their breakup after receiving an award at the People's Choice Awards.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, was not so lucky in having a quiet and peaceful breakup as news of his split from long-time girlfriend and fiancé Miley Cyrus became a worldwide sensation.  The twerking and the outrageous videos of Cyrus were speculated by others to be caused by their relation going sour.  However, both parties are now moving on from their much publicised breakup.

If Dobrev and Hemsworth are indeed hooking up with each other, fans are going to look out for more news. Both stars are busy with their careers but may make time for a little action along the way. They both just came from a long and serious relationship which may make this a breather before delving into another serious relationship.

However, Hemsworth is known for being a ladies man and was also seen flirting with Emma Watson last 2013. There are some fans that might object with the Dobrev and Hemsworth pair-up but both parties are yet to confirm the said incident.

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