Do a Barrel Roll And Other Google Secrets

By @binibiningkd on

Google has proved to be fun and its more than a spam-fighting search engine with these Google secrets and tricks.

Do a Barrel Roll

"Do a barrel roll" is a fun Google trick, which literally means what it says to make Google do a barrel roll. Type "do a barrel roll" in the search bar > Click enter then watch Google dutifully obey.  

Tilt or Askew

Type "tilt" or "askew" in the search bar > Click enter and prepare to be nauseated.


Type "ASCII art" in the search bar > Click enter and it will reveal a nerdy Google logo.

Once in a Blue Moon

Type "once in a blue moon" in the search bar > Click enter and you will see a mathematical value. You can also try to search for "baker's dozen," "the loneliest number," "number of horns of a unicorn" and "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything."


Type "anagram" in the search bar > Click enter and that's all.

Google Gravity

Physics is infused into the Google interface. The visual elements that you commonly see on Google's UI like the "I'm feeling lucky" button and search bar falls down like a stack of blocks on the bottom of the browser page. You can also "pick-up" and "throw" the blocks at the "walls."


Type "recursion" in the search bar > Click enter and prepare to be blown away.


Search for the 1775 Amphitheatre Parkway in Street View to admire Google's enthusiastic employees. Prepare to witness the scene outside Google's corporate headquarters.

Legoland Pegman

On Google Street View, check out Legoland and watch the yellow pegman changed by a Lego dude.


Search for Google's spam folder and find tasty Spam recipes like fajitas and primavera.

YouTube Snake

Go to YouTube then look for any video but "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal is preferred. After choosing a video, hold down the up arrow and left keys while the video is playing. Enjoy the snake!

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