Do a Barrel Roll Google Easter Egg Trick Keeps Rolling On and On Like the Energizer Bunny [WATCH VIDEO]

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A Google search page is reflected in sunglasses in this photo illustration taken in Brussels May 30, 2014.
A Google search page is reflected in sunglasses in this photo illustration taken in Brussels May 30, 2014. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

It's already July 2014 and surprisingly, the do a barrel roll Google Easter egg trick keeps rolling on and on like the Energizer bunny! Technically speaking, this Google trick is more like Peppy Hare, since it was inspired from the "Star Fox 64" videogame from Nintendo that featured this particular space pilot rabbit. Peppy Hare was the one who said the line "Do a barrel roll!" whenever players pressed the letter R or Z twice in "Star Fox 64." It caused the vehicles that the players were riding to spin around. It also causes the screen of any computer or mobile device to spin around. Read on to learn more about it.

By merely typing the words do a barrel roll in Google's search box, the screen rolls swiftly around, as if like magic. But, one doesn't have to chant any secret spells or wave a magic wand to do it. Yup, it doesn't take a wizard, witch, warlock or magician to do this Google Easter egg trick. Even mere muggles, as Harry Potter would say, can do this simple, yet highly entertaining trick.

Just don't forget to click on the search button or hit Enter after typing do a barrel roll in the search box. And, even if it's classified as a Google Easter egg trick, it doesn't have to be Easter Sunday to make it happen. Any ordinary day that you feel like trying out this trick on Google is okay.

 As mentioned earlier, it not only works on a laptop or a computer. It can also be tried on tablets, phones and even phablets! As long as one can go to the Google Web site or mobile site, then it can be done.

Check out some tweets about the do a barrel roll Google Easter egg trick.

"Two things y'all should google like NOW #Tilt & #DoABarrelRoll like serious GO #DoItNow," posted Twitter user @BazkitC8s.

"type: do a barrel roll in your google search bar today.... haha #doabarrelroll," tweeted Greg Metzger.

"Need to kill some time? Check out these amazing things you can do w/ Google! #awesomeness #google #doabarrelroll," tweeted Absolute Marketing.

This just goes to show how much people still get a kick out of it! Let's see if this still holds true within the next months.

Watch the Google Barrel Roll Demo video below:

CREDIT: YouTube/Search Engine Land


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