‘Do a Barrel Roll’: 8 Other Hidden Google Tricks

  @ibtimesau on

Google's "Do a Barrel Roll" search trick went viral on Thursday after bored users tweeted about the cool trick to their friends. The barrel roll trick isn't the only Easter egg Google's hidden in its site. Here are seven other Google tricks. Be warned that they only work if your turn off the "instant search" feature.

Gravity. Type in "Google gravity" in the search bar, hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button and watch your screen succumb to gravity.

Askew.  Simply type in the word "askew" in the search bar.

Epic. Make Google's font size bigger. Type Epic Google in the search bar and look at the epic-ness.

Weenie. Epic Google's smaller cousin. Type Weenie Google and feel sorry for the little guy.

Flight Simulator. Google incorporated this popular Easter egg as a permanent feature in Google Earth. Click on Tools > Enter Flight Simulator, and you're off and zooming around the world.

Dragon. In Google Docs, open any spreadsheet and if you press Shift+F12, a message will pop up announcing "Dragon slain! Congratulations, you've slain the dragon!"

Spam. In most Gmail folders, a one-line advertisement sits above every e-mail list. But if you go into your Spam folder, you'll read an actual Spam recipe.

Hacker. Want to see how Google would look like Hacked? Type in Google Hacker in the search bar and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

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