DLC Updates for 'Titanfall' Expedition, Free 'Killzone Shadow Fall' The Canyon and 'Battlefield 4' Dragon’s Teeth

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Players of "Killzone Shadow Fall" would be happy to know the game will be getting a free multiplayer map. Titled "The Canyon," this map will put players in the Petrusite fissures where mechanical pumps are all over the city.

"The Canyon includes plenty of tight spaces for tense close-quarters combat, as well as more open areas that require quick thinking and sharp shooting. Players preferring a stealthy approach will want to use the narrow routes on the extremes of the map—just don't get too close to the edge, because it's a long way down," said the developer over at the Killzone official Web blog.

The "Killzone Shadow Fall" multiplayer map will also introduce a new element in the gameplay via gravity wells, which are basically anomalous spaces that distort the gravity field, so players can fall upwards to get to places. The new map can be found in the Hanger/Cruiser pack in the PlayStation system.

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'Titanfall' Expedition DLC Dated for Xbox One and PC

After all the teasers and new information rolled out by Respawn Entertainment on the upcoming "Titanfall" DLC, the release date for the Xbox One and PC versions has finally been announced.

IGN reports publisher EA has officially announced May 15 to be the release date for the next-gen and PC versions. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360, which is currently in the works with Bluepoint Games (the developer of the Xbox 360 port of the "Titanfall" game) will come in June, with no final date announced as of yet.

The "Titanfall" Expedition DLC is the first of three promised paid DLCs that are part of the $25 season pass. For those who are planning to buy the DLCs separately, Expedition is tagged at $10.

Check out the previous coverage of the different maps for Expedition, which includes the Runoff and Swampland maps, each of which have been previously teased.

'Battlefield 4' Gets a New Screenshot for Latest DLC

The promised new gameplay footage of the "Battlefield 4" DLC Dragon's Teeth has not yet been released. But the first screenshot of the additional weapon, the two-handed ballistic shield, has been spotted by CVG.

Gamers can imagine how the new shield will play out in the DLC, and it seems like a team effort of protect and shoot would be a good way to make use of the new shield.

"Dragon's Teeth" is the fourth DLC for "Battlefield 4," with only one more to complete the expansions that have been promised before summer 2014 is over.

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