DLC News: 'Watch Dogs' Bad Blood, 'Destiny' Exodus Blue Map And 'Payday 2' Gage Assault Pack Get Details

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It's all about hacking, shooting sprees and assaults as three new DLCs have been announced and dated for release, starting with "Watch Dogs'" first-ever co-op DLC, "Bad Blood."

Ironically, instead of seeing the brooding Aiden Pearce, T-Bone will now take centre stage for the DLC. Metro reports Bad Blood will have a new story campaign since T-Bone will be the main man. And the main man's main toy is a remote control car he uses for hacking.

There will be 10 missions conducted within new locations all round "Watch Dogs'" Chicago. Hacking and Tailing modes are still a go for T-Bone as well as the ctOS Companion App that used to be Aiden Pearce's main weapon of choice. Side missions this time will be the Street Sweep contracts, where gamers can play with friends in the co-op mode of "Watch Dogs.

Holders of the Season Pass will get it on Sept. 23, while everyone else will have to wait until Sept. 30.

'Destiny' Exodus Blue Map Showcased In Quick Walkthrough

PS4 and PS3 players will have a little something exclusive once they get their hands on "Destiny" from Bungie. The developer has promised before that PlayStation fans will get an exclusive map for "Destiny" and this is titled "Exodus Blue" map.

Shown off via the PlayStation Blog, the Exodus Blue will be a competitive multiplayer map though this seems to be a timed-exclusive offer until fall 2015. The Exodus Blue map is mid-sized and meant for a three against three and 6-on-6 matches.

The map will feature five modes, namely Skirmish, Control, Salvage, Clash and Rumble, with all three classes of Guardians optimised to explore and battle in these grounds and modes.

PlayStation gamers will also have other exclusive content. These include armours like the Vanir rare titan gear set, Argus rare hunter gear set, Manifold rare warlock gear set, weapons like the Hawkmoon hand cannon and the Monte Carlo assault rifle.

'Payday 2' DLC Is A Possible Homage to 'Battlefield'

The latest DLC from "Payday 2" is designed very similarly to "Battlefield"—just look at the design of the "Gage Assault Pack" website. But in terms of hardware and gear, it does deliver for those who are looking for loud bang and boom in their gameplay.

As the tagline of the DLC implies, it's not the kind of pack gamers use on Plan A, so you can expect some loud ones, including the Clarion Assault Rifle, the Gecko Assault Rifle, the GEWEHR3 Assault Rifle and the GL-40 Grenade Launcher, all of which have available modifications.

Melee weapons will also get concealment stat, which is how players measure the ease or hardness of hiding the weapon. Some of the melee weapons include the bayonet, the bullseye, the X-46 and the ding dong. There are more additions and items to be revealed, including four masks, four materials, four patterns and 10 achievements, though the developers have not yet detailed these items.

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