DLC News: 'The Last of Us' Patch 1.07, 'Outlast: Whistleblower and 'DC Universe Online’s' Amazon Fury Part I DLCs All Out

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With the recent announcement of the latest DLC for "The Last of Us," titled Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, Sony has also announced via the PlayStation Blog that the patch 1.07 will also be rolling out over the next 24 hours.

The 151 MB worth of patch will carry the Grounded Difficulty for Single Player, a mode which is supposed to be the toughest, so far. It features very aggressive AI that will challenge gamers' will and tactics for survival.

A number of bug fixes will also come with the patch 1.07, including invisibility and stuck-on-black-screen bug. The patch will solve issues of becoming invisible or being stuck on a black screen some players are experiencing as they're waiting to respawn.

Other bugs have also been fixed like the those that allows players to exploit supply boxes for ammo, get additional comeback items from multiple supply boxes for the last One Standing player, avoid being stunned by a smoke bomb by vaulting over cover and prevent death grunt VOX from playing when dying. The entire list of bug fixes can be viewed in the link above.

In addition to this, Sony has announced "The Last of Us" multiplayer designer Erin Daly and game designer Quentin Cobb will hold a Reddit AMA come May 9 and will open the floor to questions on the patch or "The Last of Us" multiplayer.

'DCUO' Gets New DLC Featuring the Amazon Civil War

Another announcement via the PlayStation Blog features the "DC Universe Online's" newest DLC, Amazon Fury Part I. It's already out for the PS4, PS3 and PC.

For this DLC, gamers get two Duos, a new Alert and iconic visions so they can play as Wonder Woman and Circe. Follow the story in a reimagined Gotham City. It will be the first of three DLCs that will be focused on Wonder Woman.

(Credit: YouTube/DC Universe™ Online)

Apart from Wonder Woman and her Amazons, gamers can also expect Amazon Queen Hippolyta to be dropping by or this DLC pack. Check out the reveal trailer above of the additional content.

'Outlast: Whistleblower' Out to Scare Gamers

The first DLC for the acclaimed horror game "Outlast," titled "Outlast: Whistleblower," is already available for the PS4 and PC for $8.99.

Independent developer Red Barrels goes back to Mount Massive with "Outlast: Whistleblower." This time, it will follow Waylon Park, the software engineer who manages to contact journalists all over the world (including protagonist Miles Upshur).

The DLC will give gamers that distrusting feeling as Waylon, who has had to deal with Mount Massive's tight protocol that kept him away from his family. Add the dangerous experiments on patients scientists and doctors did for profit, Waylon will be the tipping point of a series of events that would show players the dirt and rotten core of Mount Massive.

"Outlast: Whistleblower" is the prequel to the original game and will cover the events after that as a final chapter to the story of the terrifying asylum.

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