DLC News: 'GTA 5' Possible DLC; 'Borderlands 2' Coming on Valentine’s Day; 'Dead or Alive 5' Sexy Costumes

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"GTA 5's" promised story mode has been teased and explored by fans using existing content in the game. However, it seems that the DLC is still not coming, or even any other references to the DLC.

During an earnings call with Take-Two, a lot of fans expected it to at least give hints on the timeframe when it was planning to announce the "GTA 5" DLC. Others thought that maybe that was the start of the wait for the "GTA 5" story DLC.

Gamezone reports that all that was taken from the event from both Take-Two and Rockstar was this: "More to say about this in the coming months."

Because of this, fans have been taking matters into their own hands and trying to tap into the game and get the details themselves. Games.com cites one such fan from the GTA forums, who goes by the name funmw2. He has reportedly found a few clues from the code that hints at assassination missions and melee weapons. There have been previous findings from other fans, but Rockstar has not commented on any of them.

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It seems that the only way to know about official details of the "GTA 5" story DLC is to wait for the announcement straight from Rockstar.

'Borderlands 2's' Valentine Treat

Valentine's Day is rolling in, and what better way to celebrate it than through the style and sass of "Borderlands 2." Its upcoming DLC is Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre, which is the fourth in the Headhunter series.

"Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre was inspired by one of our favorite holidays and is full of love and cuddles, but with a Borderlands twist. This add-on features the return of Innuendo Bot 5000 and its creator, Mad Moxxi, as they try to bring two rival clans together with the help of the Vault Hunters," said Gearbox Software.

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The love story here will revolve around the Hodunk and Zafords families, and Mad Moxxi will play mad matchmaker, where she will need to collect ingredients to create a love potion. As usual, completing the game will give players a number of heads and skins.

Gearbox Software has also teased the last Headhunter add-on, titled Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax, which will be released in April, though details are yet to be announced.

The "Borderlands 2" Valentine's Day DLC will be out on Feb 11 for $2.99 on PC and Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

'Dead or Alive 5' Goes to Swimsuit Route for its DLC

The title for "Dead or Alive 5" alone is already something that resounds a fight to the death, but the latest DLC add-on will make gamers think of models and a fine walk at the beach with skimpily clad women frolicking about.

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Lazy Gamer has feature a number of screenshots of the costumes that will be available for the "Dead or Alive 5" Ultimate swimwear collection. It seems like the game developer is trying to ramp up the love for Valentine's Day---or maybe it's in preparation for the summer ahead.

Either way, this may be the DLC for those who want to enjoy switching 2-D women's clothes while they are at the beach, though it's really more of a simulator-like costume change that's nowhere near practical for fighting.

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