DLC News: 'Dark Souls 2’s' Possible DLC; 'Batman: Arkham Origins' DLC Not Coming to Wii U; 'The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2' Coming

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"Dark Souls 2" may get a DLC if the fan demand is there. Already slated for a March release date for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS3, fans have already been treated to some gameplay video and sneak peeks like the one below, according to VG 24/7.

However, another report from Joystiq puts the PC landing at a later release date, which is May 31, basing it on an Amazon listing. While this can be a placeholder, the report states that this can be treated as the estimated time for release.

But the biggest issue right now is the DLC for "Dark Souls 2," since there has been word from the producer himself on the potential.

"Right now we are concentrating on completing what we've got, but I think there are next steps on how we can expand on Dark Souls 2," said producer Takeshi Miyazoe in an earlier interview with Joystiq. He emphasises the potential already being there, so perhaps the next step is seeing the reception of the game.

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'Batman: Arkham Origins' DLC Not Coming to Wii U

The Wii U seems to be losing a bit of franchise, with the latest being Warner Bros.' most recent game "Batman: Arkham Origins." After a successful reception of the game, it seems that those who were able to enjoy the game via the Wii U will be unable to enjoy an upcoming feature.

According to GameSpot, Warner Bros. has already confirmed that the awaited story DLC for "Batman: Arkham Origins" will no longer come to the Wii U platform.

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"Based on demand for Downloadable Content on the system, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made the decision to remove its offering of the upcoming new story campaign for Wii U," said the official announcement, as quoted by GameSpot.

It seems that those who have already filed their pre-orders can expect a credit of $19.9 on the Nintendo eShop as a payback for the missing content in the season pass for "Batman: Arkham Origins."

For those who are playing the game via Wii U, the season pass of "Batman: Arkham Origins" should have included three skin packs, an Initiation challenge rooms pack and the still-to-come content DLC. The publisher of "Batman: Arkham Origins" still confirmed that the story DLC will be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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'The Wolf Among Us' Hitting Season 2 on February

Telltale Games' "The Wolf Among Us" is set to release on Feb 4 for Windows, Mac and PS3 in North America, while those who are playing the Xbox 360, as well as those with PS3, in Europe will get it on Feb 5, reports Polygon.

In addition, "Smoke and Mirrors" will also be coming to a handful of iOS devices come next week.

For this episode, Nerdist reports that Jack from the famed story "Jack and the Beanstalk" will be one of the fairytale faces that players should look forward to. The game follows the comic book "Fables" closely, so gamers can expect similar characterisations. A few screenshots of the second episode can be seen in the link above.

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