DLC News: 'Borderlands 2’ Final HeadHunter Pack, 'GTA 5’s' Online Valentine’s Day; 'The Last of Us' Patch

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With Mad Moxxie and her own matchmaking DLC already out wreaking havoc for Valentine's Day, Gearbox is now turning towards the last of the HeadHunter packs which will now celebrate summer at the beach with Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax.

The Wam Bam Island is the playground for gamers, and even though things start off pretty slow and mellow, they'll soon find themselves battling monsters like the Crawmerax Jr., who seeks revenge on Lilith, Brick and Mordercai for his father's defeat. Beating Crawmerax Jr. will give players his head fitted for their character's size, and there will also be beach-themed skins.

The last of the DLCs will be available come April 15 for $2.99 for the PS43, Xbox 360 PC and Mac. This expansion pack is said to be the biggest of the bunch.

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Rockstar Releases its Own Valentine's Present for 'GTA' Gun Lovers

Instead of the usual hearts and roses, Rockstar is giving players a new way to celebrate the day of love with its Valentine's Day Massacre Special updates for GTA Online.

According to the Newswire, the update will bring in a load of Valentine's Day-themed extras for the story mode and "GTA Online." There's the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, the Albany Roosevelt ride and new attire that harks back to flapper dresses and double-breasted suits to complete the bloody valentine look.

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The items will be available for purchase until the month of love ends, but afterwards, it will be included in their inventory for good.

And whether gamers are celebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other or having their own Single's Awareness "me time," there's a Valentine's Massacre Social Club Event this weekend where they can get special in-game RP bonuses.

Lastly, Rockstar's latest update for "GTA Online" doesn't end with just the Valentine's bonus, as it also brings back the Rat Loader pickup truck for "GTA Online." This includes not just the vehicle but also the mods for the vehicle, out for free until the next update hits. The update is also a chance for those who want to earn GTA$, which can be done by playing solo in Races.

'The Last of Us' Gets 1.06 Patch

Before "The Last of Us" DLC Left Behind hits, gamers should download the latest patch released by Naughty Dog, which is 103 MB filled with new stuff that they need to play the DLC, which will launch a little later after.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the patch will also introduce new trophies for the DLC and improvements in the multiplayer.

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"We've been working hard to improve the latency issues that we know cause serious problems in the game. We have two significant changes that we hope will improve things. The caveat of course with any change to networking is that we need to test these in the real-world environment to see how well they work," said Naughty Dog over at the PlayStation Forum.

In "The Last of Us," there is now better network update rate for overall reduction in latency of 66 ms, tightened lag reduction check and added a network trouble icon for the notification. The icon will inform players that network trouble is currently in effect, and Naughty Dog suggests a few solutions, like using Ethernet instead of WiFi, turning off other features like Netflix and YouTube for better performance and unrestricting the Network Address Translation, among others.

Other changes include fixing the spawning time of the defending team, addressing issues with the revive system especially for revival of multiple teams, fixes in the melee attacks and weapons, rebalancing of weapons and fixing of maps, among others.

Gamers can check out the complete list of fixes over at Naughty Dog's page.

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