DLC News: 'Batman: Arkham Origins'' Mr. Freeze and 'Outlast: Whistleblower' Coming in April

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The much-awaited "Batman: Arkham Origins" story DLC is already dated for release this April 22, and it'll be a freezing cold one.

Titled "Cold, Cold Heart," the new story DLC will look into the origin story of Mr Freeze, alongside a brand new mission, according to Joystiq.

"Mr. Freeze is the focus of Cold, Cold Heart, which is our big open-world narrative-based DLC that we'll be releasing for Arkham Origins," said Ames Kirshen, VP of production over at WB Games. "This is actually in-game mission story content with a brand new story wrapped around Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Origins setting," he added.

Since this will be an entirely different condition for "Batman," Mr Kirshen states that there will be new toys for Batman to face off with the enemies armed with cryogenic weapons. In addition, since his current suit is not enough to protect him from the cold, Batman will also enjoy a new experimental suit to help him face the extreme weather.

Here's a glimpse of "Cold, Cold Heart" and a look at Mr. Freeze in the game:

(Credit: YouTube/DC Entertainment)

'Outlast: Whistleblower' DLC Coming

One of the scariest games to debut on the PS4 and PC, "Outlast" is finally getting its first DLC as early as April.

"The whole team here at Red Barrels is pleased to reveal that our first DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower, will be released this April for PC and PS4!" said the Red Barrels Team over at its official Web site.

If in "Outlast," gamers are playing as independent journalist Miles Upshur who goes into the heart of Mount Massive to investigate, in this new DLC, players will be in the shoes of Waylon Park, software engineer and responsible for the tip to journalists at the beginning of the main game.

The character will have some very deep-seated feelings of distrust for politics and lack of morals and ethics going on inside the asylum. Players will pretty much be identifying with the poor patients in Waylon's shoes, and they'll get to unravel the very core of what happens inside the asylum.

Technically, it is a prequel to "Outlast," but according to the developers, it will traverse the events in the first game and give gamers a glimpse of the ending in Mount Massive Asylum.

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