Django Unchained Slave Toys Ban: Collectibles Prohibited on eBay for 'Mockery of Slavery' [PHOTOS]

  on January 25 2013 2:53 PM

The "Django Unchained" film's slave toy collectibles were supposed to bring more success to the Weinstein Company. Criticism from the African-American groups caused the company to discontinue selling the Django toys particularly on the virtual marketplace eBay.

Al Sharpton's National Action Network wanted total selling prohibition of the Django toys because "they made a mockery of slavery." According to TMZ reports, the eBay representative confirmed that the Django toys have been classified as insulting figures.

"These toys were removed as they were in violation of our Offensive Materials policy," the eBay representative stated.

eBay explained to the sellers through an email the main reason of the items' removal. "Since the manufacturer of this product has discontinued the item's sale due to its potentially offensive nature, we are not allowing it to be sold on eBay," eBay wrote.  

The online marketplace warned the sellers that they should not re-list the Django toys. Though Weinstein Company stopped the Django toys production and prohibited eBay to sell them, the figures still appear as a rare collection for consumers where some sellers take this opportunity to put on sale the Django toys with a price over a thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, some online users expressed their opinion about the Django toys being banned. "Figures, everything we do offends the negroes. They are the biggest group of whinners on the planet," username "Damian Hart" wrote on the TMZ web site.

Another online user, Morticia Cowghoul, commented about the report: "Banning them from ebay will just make them more valuable."

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