DIY Oscars 2013 Inspired Fashion: Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain [PHOTOS]


Own an affordable, red carpet-worthy wardrobe inspired by this year's biggest actresses. Have your daily outfits mimic the glamour of Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, and Jessica Chastain.

Among the Best Actress nominees this year, three stand out with their unique and personal styles. First, there's 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence, who has a delightful hippie, boheme style that transcends in her red carpet and casual get-ups.

For her casual looks, the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress likes to wear long skirts over fitted tops. Mimic her style effortlessly by pairing a simple plain tank top with a sheer or flowy skirt and accessorize. Red works great with this kind of style, not to mention that it's one of Lawrence's favorite colors.

Red carpet is always a treat for Jennifer Lawrence because of her gowns and dresses. In one awards show, Lawrence showed up in a black sleek dress with a cut out sweetheart neckline. Use these silhouettes in picking party dresses or by pairing corset tops with a fitted above-the-knee skirt. Killer heels are also a must, and gorgeous make-up to complete the look.

Like her role in Zero DarkThirty, Jessica Chastain likes to dress sleek and smart. She likes long coats for cold weathers and simple gowns that have earthy or light hues. When out for a walk, channel your inner Chastain by wearing a long, black coat over a beige shirt and skinny jeans. Wear high-heeled booties to feel like a box office queen even in chilly weather.

Naomi Watts' style has always been known for elegance and sophistication. Recreate one of her looks by pairing an embellished top with a metallic skirt and some high heeled pumps. If planning for a "day" look, take inspiration from one of Naomi's famous red carpet looks. Wear a bright blue top over a skirt or shorts and instantly pop out from the crowd.

View the slideshow to see the list of items that will make you look like an Academy award nominee, from casual to formal. 

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