‘Divergent’s' Theo James Doesn’t Want to be Defined by His Role as ‘Four’ in Veronica Roth's Best-Selling Book

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Stars that usually make it to the big screen from starring in movie adaptations are usually defined by the characters they have played. A good example would be Robert Pattinson who carries wherever his role as the vampire, Edward Cullen. Daniel Radcliffe also has the trouble of shying away from his well-known role as the "boy who lived," Harry Potter.

Despite them gaining fame from their roles, Theo James who will be playing the role of "Four" in the upcoming post-apocalyptic movie adaptation of the bestselling book, "Divergent," doesn't want to be defined and known as his character in the movie adaptation of the novel.

Well, he has a good reason for not wanting to be defined by his role. There are many celebrities who would rather be known for other things then the roles they have played such as Charlie Hunnam who turned down the role of billionaire, sadist and masochist, Christian Grey. The role was turned over to Jamie Dornan, former Calvin Klein model and series actor.

Theo James has starred in movies alongside, Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld: the Awakening," where played a vampire. In an interview with Buzzfeed, the actor talked about his career and how he doesn't want "Divergent" to define him as an actor.

"You know, some people do get this huge thing, and it's a bang that kind of changes their life. ... In terms of breaks, in a funny way, I haven't felt like one thing has done anything specific [for my career]. It feels likes I've just been kind of incrementally moving up," stated James.

In "Divergent," Theo stars alongside Shailene Woodley who mentioned that he is a great kisser. In fact, Shailene has kept gushing about this in most of her interviews.

Theo James will also be in the other two movies of the bestselling trilogy.

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