Divergent Star Zoe Kravitz Drank Liquid Clay to Lose Weight

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Another actress has followed the footsteps of Shailene Woodley when it comes to consuming clay. "Divergent" actress Zoe Kravitz admitted to drinking liquid clay to lose weight for her role in "The Road Within."

Zoe went into extreme measures to lose weight for her latest role in "The Road Within."

The 25-year-old daughter of Lenny Kravitz, who plays an anorexic and bulimic character in her new movie, shared how she shed an additional 20 pounds to fit the role of Marie.

"I did a cleanse. I tried to do it the healthiest way as possible, even though it's not healthy to do," she told US Weekly at the premiere of "The Road Within" during the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Zoe admitted to drinking clay because it "cleans your body and fills you up." Aside from clay, she also admitted to eating a Mason jar of pureed vegetables daily and goes for a run.

But Zoe discouraged anyone to drink clay. Although the diet works, she admitted it was awful. She recalled being like a "spade cadet" while on the clay diet.

Talking about her character in "The Road Within," Zoe said she can relate to Marie since she has also fought with eating disorders in the past. She also thinks all young women face the same struggle.

"There are a bunch of images that are thrown in our faces all the time about what we're supposed to look like at 14, 15, and 16. It's confusing. I think every woman can identify with that struggle."

In mentally preparing for her role, she admitted she did a lot of research on anorexic online support communities. She thought it was scary knowing there are no pro-anorexic Web sites where people, especially anorexics, talk to each other and support each other.

According to DailyNews, she is not the only actress to eat clay. Her "Divergent" Co-star Shailene Woodley also admitted to consuming clay since it excretes the materials that aren't necessarily the best for the body.

"The Road Within" follows the story of Vincent (Robert Sheehan) who has Tourette's syndrome. His mother dies leaving him in the care of his estranged politician father.

Placed in a residential home while his dad goes on a campaign, he meets an anorexic young woman named Marie (Zoe Kravitz) and an OCD named Alex (Dave Patel). Together, they venture out on a road trip to take his mother's ashes to the ocean.

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