‘Divergent' Movie News: 'Allegiant' Will be Split Into Two Movies

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"Divergent" movie fans alert! Lionsgate executives have announced that Veronica Roth's third book movie adaptation, "Allegiant" will be released in two separate films. Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger confirmed these themselves following the box office hit of "Divergent." The Part 1 will be released on March 18, 2016 as scheduled while the Part 2 will have its screening on March 24, 2017. Meanwhile, the books second instalment "Insurgent" is planned to hit the theatres next year.

While cutting a film's finale into two parts seemed to be a trend for most book-based movies, the blockbuster success of "Divergent" made a sure turnaround to its original plans. With the first picture's $54.6 million opening weekend gross, the executives have surely made a lot of thinking since then especially that its earnings follows the same trajectory as that of the "Harry Potter" franchise, according to Time.

According to both Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment's executives, Roth's third book is filled with a "masterful conclusion" webbed in a captivating and action-packed story worthy of a two separate movie releases, as reported by Variety. Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger both agreed that the story was so perfect that it can be "perfectly viewed into two films." This was the exact same thing which producers of the "Twilight" saga and "The Hunger Games" franchises did when it showed the "Breaking Dawn" films and upcoming "Mockingjay" movies.

The money-making side of being in the box office was not only good for the producers but for the movie's cast as well. The lead star Shailene Woodley became an overnight superstar and will now be the mainstay in all three movie sequels as the character of Tris. Woodley's role is the 16 year old lass who become a target in a world divided by factions based on personality virtues. The film is a total action-filled adventure when Tris discovers a conspiracy to get rid of all Divergents, the faction-less group she belongs. Besides Woodley, the movie also stars Kate Winslet and Theo James.

But if you think "Divergent" made a great start for Veronica Roth's anthology, wait till "Insurgent" or "Allegiant" hit the big screen. The second flick of the action anthology will begin its production soon, with Robert Schwentke sitting on the director's chair, according to UK's Daily Mail.

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